Let us help you find a reliable waterproofing company with expert water proofing contractors in your area. Hire the best waterproofers!

Let us help you find a reliable waterproofing company with expert water proofing contractors in your area. Hire the best waterproofers!

Starting your search for a reliable waterproofing company can appear hard. We are here to guide you, making the process effortless and efficient. Our network includes some of South Africa’s most trusted water proofing contractors, offering a broad spectrum of services ranging from basement waterproofing to roof water resistance.

Professional companies not only guarantee high-quality materials but also provide expert consultation on moisture barriers or flood prevention strategies.

  • They have an extensive range of water-resistant coatings to ensure maximum protection against leaks or damp issues.

Furthermore, they offer cost-effective strategies tailored specifically for your structure’s needs.

Adding convenience to quality service delivery, many top-tier companies such as those cited above now offer emergency waterproofing services as well as guarantees on their workmanship.

This assures you peace of mind knowing that should any unexpected issue arise later down the line it will be readily resolved by professionals who stand behind their work.

Best Waterproofing Services on Offer in South Africa

Best Waterproofing Services on Offer in South Africa

Discover the top-rated waterproofing services available in South Africa, providing approved solutions for both residential and commercial properties, as well as expert consultation and repair options.

Approved Residential Waterproofing Solutions in South Africa

  1. Sika provides a long – standing, trusted range of roofing and waterproofing products with over 110 years in the market.
  2. Waterproofing Solutions, based in Gauteng, offers superior quality commercial and residential painting services.
  3. Residential services include flat roof repairs and roof waterproofing.
  4. Durban Waterproofing and Roofing specialise in providing waterproofing, damp – proofing, and roofing services to clients across various areas.
  5. Waterproofing Johannesburg is known for delivering quality, durable waterproofing systems as well as premium services and solutions.
  6. Many homeowners opt for professional Waterproofing due to its reputation as one of the best waterproofing companies in Durban.

Approved Commercial Waterproofing Solutions in South Africa

  1. Experts provide liquid- and torch-applied waterproofing, known for the robustness and long-term durability they offer.
  2. Waterproofing Solutions offers not just residential but also commercial painting services coupled with efficient waterproofing systems specifically designed for Gauteng’s climate conditions.
  3. Experts specialize in tackling leaking roofs of all types across South Africa, ensuring buildings stay dry even during the wettest seasons.
  4. Durable waterproofing systems from Waterproofing Johannesburg are highly favoured by commercial establishments due to their capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  5. Professional companies hold a strong market presence with its exceptional tailored waterproofing solutions suitable for a wide array of commercial properties throughout South Africa.
  6. Experts provide a comprehensive service package including both damp proofing and waterproofing services, tailor-made for customers located around the East Rand area.

Approved Waterproofing Consultation in South Africa

  1. Specialists provide tailor-made solutions suited for your specific circumstances, from basements to roofs.
  2. Their expertise includes various types of waterproofing, whether it involves methods like torch-on acrylic systems or lining systems.
  3. Experts offer free consultations, presenting a budget-friendly start to your waterproofing journey.
  4. During the consulting process, experts carefully assess the property’s situation and advise according to the South African National Standard (SANS10400) guidelines.
  5. The consultation service extends to both residential and commercial properties in diverse locations such as Johannesburg, Pretoria East, Randburg among others.
  6. They promptly handle emergency situations with quick response times and effective water leakage solutions.
  7. Offering up to a 10 – year guarantee on their work reflects their confidence in providing quality waterproofing services.
  8. Flood protection strategies also fall under their area of expertise during consultation sessions.

Approved Waterproofing Repair & Maintenance in South Africa

  1. Professional companies stand out for its prompt and efficient repair and maintenance services.
  2. Experts, based in Johannesburg, offer quality roof repairs coupled with waterproofing services to tackle dampness effectively.
  3. Expert Waterproofing and Roofing is known for their specialized roofing and damp – proofing solutions; they add longevity to existing structures through regular maintenance.
  4. Johannesburg boasts an exceptional waterproofing specialist contractor who provides torch – on acrylic systems with impressive guarantees of up to 10 years.
  5. Sika caters widely to DIY enthusiasts across the country providing them access not just to top-of-the-line products but also to maintenance tips and guidance.

8 Strengths of Working with Professional Waterproofing Specialists

  1. High-quality service: Engaging a professional ensures the delivery of high-quality waterproofing work, eliminating worries about future water damage, mold, and mildew.
  2. Expert Knowledge: Waterproofing design specialists possess industry-specific knowledge that can transform an ordinary structure into one fully protected from water damage.
  3. Experience: Their vast experience in handling different types of projects equips them with the ability to handle any unique situation or challenge that may arise.
  4. Qualified Structural Designs: Professional waterproofing specialists create qualified structural designs and offer advice to other designers for optimal building protection.
  5. Skill set: A licensed and experienced waterproofing professional has the necessary skills to handle everything from leak detection and repair to crawlspace encapsulation and bathroom waterproofing.
  6. Successful Project Outcome: Expertise in structural waterproofing leads to successful project results, protecting properties from potential water-related issues.
  7. Quality Assurance: Working with established professionals often comes with guarantees and warranties, providing reassurance about the quality of their work.
  8. Cost-effective solutions: Professionals often provide cost-effective solutions by accurately estimating the cost depending on your specific needs which could include basement or roof waterproofing solutions or damp proofing services.

Multiple Waterproofing Solutions Varieties

In this section, we will explore the different types of waterproofing solutions available.

What Do We Mean by Liquid Applications?

Liquid applications refer to a type of waterproofing process where special liquid materials are applied.

  • These substances reach a liquid state during the application and eventually cure to form a rubber-like elastomeric waterproof membrane.

One standout feature that makes these applications popular is their ease and flexibility.

  • They effortlessly adapt to any surface, making them suitable for various waterproofing and roofing tasks.

Furthermore, they provide an unbroken barrier against water seepage, ensuring optimal protection for your property against potential water damage.

Delving Into the Details: What Are Torched Membranes?

Torched membranes stand as a formidable solution in the waterproofing industry.

  • Waterproofing professionals prize them for their effectiveness and durability against water infiltration.

They are fashioned from a blend of bitumen and polymers, offering unyielding protection when faced with leaks.

  • Their creation involves reinforcement procedures with polyester or fibreglass.

Their unique mode of application further distinguishes torched membranes from other waterproofing methods.

  • Using a low-pressure gas torch, these membranes become activated by heat, forming an impenetrable seal on surfaces like roofs or foundations once applied.

Hence, they play an invaluable role within various waterproofing services across South Africa due to their impressive capacity to prevent damages prompted by unwelcome water leaks.

A Comprehensive Insight: What Are Cold Applied Membranes?

Cold applied membranes are a type of liquid waterproofing system that offers a flexible and durable solution for protecting structures.

  • These membranes have elastomeric qualities, meaning they can withstand building movements and fatigue without cracking or tearing.

They are easy to apply and provide seamless protection, forming a single membrane over the surface.

  • With over 50 years of proven success, cold applied membranes offer benefits such as damage resistance and excellent adhesion.

Whether in the form of rolls or sheets that are self-adhered, these membranes provide fast curing and long-lasting performance for all types of waterproofing needs.

Analyzing Various Waterproofing Solutions in South Africa

Waterproofing Solution Features Benefits
Sika’s specialized solutions Resistant to microbiological and chemical attack and high mechanical resistance. Extremely durable and can withstand challenging site conditions.
Sika’s DIY waterproofing systems Includes roof waterproofing membranes and bitumen liquid waterproofing. Easy to apply and provides effective protection against leaks.
High-performance waterproofing solutions Includes physical analysis and wind-load analysis services. Provides detailed insights to help ensure the effectiveness of the waterproofing solution.
Dimplecore® A durable, heat-formed, cuspated synthetic sheet. Highly resistant and can be used in a range of drainage applications.

6 Waterproofing Troubles and Effective Repair Strategies

  1. Leakage through cracks: Cracks in walls or floors can allow water to seep into your property. Repair strategy: Fill the cracks with a suitable sealant or use injection grouting to seal the gaps.
  2. Roof leaks: Poorly installed or damaged roofs can lead to water leakage. Repair strategy: Identify the source of the leak and repair or replace damaged roof components, such as tiles, shingles, or flashing.
  3. Moisture in basements: Water seeping into basements can cause dampness and mold growth. Repair strategy: Install proper drainage systems, apply waterproof coatings on basement walls, and improve ventilation.
  4. Dampness on exterior walls: Moisture trapped in exterior walls can lead to water damage and deterioration. Repair strategy: Apply a waterproof coating or membrane on the exterior walls to prevent moisture penetration.
  5. Leaking pipes or plumbing fixtures: Water leaks from pipes or fixtures can cause damage to adjacent areas. Repair strategy: Fix any leaking pipes or fixtures by repairing or replacing damaged parts.
  6. Poor drainage systems: Inadequate drainage around your property can result in water pooling near foundations and causing moisture problems. Repair strategy: Improve the grading around your property and install proper drainage systems to redirect water away from foundations.

Waterproofing Contractor Expertise Versus DIY Initiatives

Aspect Waterproofing Contractor Expertise DIY Initiatives
Experience & skills Trained professionals from companies like GP Roofing and DPF Contractors have years of experience and specialised skills to handle complex waterproofing tasks. DIY approaches often lack the extensive experience and professional training required for effective waterproofing.
Quality of work A professional contractor not only installs waterproofing but also provides additional services such as repair and maintenance. DIY tasks may only cover basic installation, often lacking in efficiency and durability.
Use of materials Professional contractors use high-quality membranes and coatings to cover a property’s structure more effectively. DIY initiatives often use standard materials, which may not provide the same level of protection.
Location Certified professionals are available across South Africa, providing their services in various regions. Location and accessibility of materials may limit the effectiveness of a DIY initiative.
Cost-effectiveness Although the initial investment may be higher, hiring a professional waterproofing contractor proves cost-effective in the long-term due to their quality work. DIY may seem cheaper initially, but may result in higher costs due to less effective work and possible damage repair.

8 Positives of hiring professional Waterproofing Contractors near me

Why hiring professional Waterproofing Contractors is the right choice for you:

  1. Professional waterproofing contractors have the necessary experience and knowledge to accurately assess your waterproofing needs.
  2. They are skilled in identifying potential problem areas and addressing them effectively, preventing further damage to your property.
  3. Hiring professionals ensures that your waterproofing project is done correctly and up to industry standards.
  4. Professional contractors have access to specialized tools and equipment, allowing them to perform the job efficiently and effectively.
  5. They can provide expert advice on the most suitable waterproofing solutions for your specific needs.
  6. By hiring professionals, you can save time and effort, as they will handle all aspects of the project from start to finish.
  7. Professional contractors are licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are working with qualified experts.
  8. In the long run, hiring professional contractors can be more cost – effective than attempting DIY projects or relying on inexperienced individuals.

South Africa 2023: Comprehensive Waterproofing Service Fees and Pricing

Waterproofing services in South Africa come with varying fees and pricing.

The cost of roof waterproofing in Gauteng, for example, can range from R3 000 to R100 000.

The final price depends on factors such as the size of the area to be waterproofed and the type of waterproofing solution chosen.

  • Torch-on waterproofing is often priced per square meter, while liquid rubber waterproofing is another option available.

It’s important to note that there are various types of waterproofing membranes in South Africa, each with its own pricing structure.

10 Crucial Factors Impacting Waterproofing Prices in South Africa

  1. Project size: The size of the area that needs to be waterproofed will affect the overall cost. Larger projects typically require more materials and labour, resulting in higher prices.
  2. Type of waterproofing material: There are various types of waterproofing materials available, such as bitumen membranes and liquid applications. The specific material chosen for the project can impact the price.
  3. Number of coats needed: Some waterproofing systems may require multiple coats to ensure effective protection against water damage. The number of coats needed can contribute to the overall cost.
  4. Accessibility: Difficult-to-reach areas or complex structures may require additional time and effort from contractors, which can increase the price of waterproofing services.
  5. Level of expertise required: Certain types of waterproofing, such as specialized solutions for roofs or basements, may require more advanced skills and knowledge from contractors. This level of expertise can affect the pricing.
  6. Surface preparation requirements: In some cases, proper preparation of the surface before applying waterproofing materials is necessary. This step adds extra labour and time, thus impacting the final cost.
  7. Warranty and guarantees offered: Waterproofing companies may provide warranties or guarantees on their workmanship or products used. The inclusion of these assurances can influence pricing.
  8. Market competition: Prices for waterproofing services can vary depending on market competition in a specific area or province. Higher demand or limited availability of contractors might result in higher prices.
  9. Location: Waterproofing prices may differ between regions in South Africa due to variations in labour and material costs, as well as local market conditions.
  10. Additional services required: Depending on the specific project, additional services such as leak detection, repair work, or mold remediation might be necessary. These additional services will add to the overall cost.

Available Waterproofing Services in South African Provinces and Areas

Available Waterproofing Services in South African Provinces and Areas

  • Experts offer comprehensive waterproofing services in various provinces across South Africa, including Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth.
  • Professional Waterproofing and Projects provides top – notch waterproofing and painting services in Strand, Somerset West.
  • Waterproofing services for structural rectification are available in South Africa’s provinces through the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC).
  • Africa House receives reliable waterproofing and roofing solutions from the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA).
  • Manufacturers in South Africa produce nano – modified emulsions specifically designed for waterproofing roads.

Conclusion: Your Area’s Top Waterproofing Specialists are Ready to be Hired!

Conclusion: Your Area’s Top Waterproofing Specialists are Ready to be Hired!

Choose the best waterproofing specialists in your area for reliable and expert services.

  • Protect your property from water damage with approved residential and commercial waterproofing solutions.

Consult with professionals who can offer a variety of waterproofing options, such as liquid applications, torched membranes, and cold applied membranes. Don’t let water troubles go untreated – hire professional waterproofing contractors to repair and maintain your property.

Experience the benefits of working with skilled experts who can provide effective waterproofing solutions tailored to your needs.


1. What is waterproofing installation?

Waterproofing installation involves applying water-resistant sealants, paints, or membranes like HDPE on roofs, walls and other parts of a building to prevent water penetration.

2. Can I handle my own waterproofing with DIY solutions?

Yes, DIY waterproofing solutions exist such as Dulux Roofguard for roofs or concrete waterproofers for foundations

  • However professional services ensure better results and offer warranties.

3. How much does it cost to get my house waterproofed?

Costs vary based on the size of your property and the extent of work required. Consider factors like material costs, labour costs and inquire about an accurate cost estimate from professional service providers.

4. Are there different types of residential and commercial waterproofing services?

Absolutely! These range from roof gardens leak repair to basement waterproofing solutions; mold remediation; crawlspace or bathroom treatments; deck balcony servicing to even offering flood prevention strategies.

5. Is regular maintenance important after installing a Waterproof system?

Maintaining your installed systems helps extend their lifespan while ensuring optimal performance against leaks, moisture issues, mould formation etc., which could otherwise lead to costly repairs or replacements in the future

6. What’s included in a typical inspection by a Waterproof professional?

An Inspection typically includes checking the condition of existing installations, assessing possible risks points like basements or rooftops prone flooding

  • If moulds developed due damage caused previous leaks followed by recommending suitable interventions.