Fantastic JoJo Tank Prices: JoJo Tanks for Sale with Prompt Installation in Your Area

Fantastic JoJo Tank Prices JoJo Tanks for Sale with Prompt Installation in Your Area

Get the best deals on a JoJo tank with affordable prices and quick installation in your area. Don’t miss out, check it out now!

Let us bridge the gap between you and approved JoJo tank Installers nearby

We are dedicated to bridging the gap between you and approved JoJo tank installers in your area.

  • Our trusted partners bring their installation expertise straight to your doorstep, ensuring a smooth, trouble-free experience.

No more hunting for reliable professionals; we connect you with industry-verified installers who abide by stringent quality standards.

  • These experts have hands-on knowledge of JoJo tanks’ nuances, whether it’s installing them above or below the ground level or guiding you on maintenance procedures.

They’ll even test the tank meticulously for leaks and drips as part of a proper installation process. Thanks to our expansive network that covers major South African provinces and specific areas, they’re just a quick search away!

View the Complete Range of JoJo Products in South Africa

View the Complete Range of JoJo Products in South Africa

Their comprehensive lineup includes:

  • Water storage tanks: With options varying in size and shape, JoJo Tanks cater to residential, commercial, and industrial use.
  • Chemical tanks: Offering secure storage of chemicals, these tanks are designed for robust handling.
  • Sanitation products: From septic tanks to portable toilets, JoJo’s sanitation solutions cater to various requirements.
  • Agricultural products: Including animal drinkers and feeders, ideal for large-scale farming operations.
  • Domestic products: A variety of household items like dustbins and laundry baskets.
  • Tank fittings and accessories: A wide range of supplementary components that enhance the functionality of your tank.
  • Tech devices: Following the recent launch of their water level monitoring device.

Cost-Effective JoJo Water Tanks: Sales & Professional Installation

Discover the affordable range of JoJo water tanks available for sale and professional installation, ensuring you have access to cost-effective solutions for your water storage needs.

Read more to find out how these tanks can benefit you.

Cost-Effective JoJo Vertical Water Tanks

JoJo vertical water tanks offer a cost-effective solution for your water storage needs.

  • These tanks are designed to fit compactly against walls, reducing space consumption in your property.

Durability is assured with Jojo’stough polyethylene material that withstands South Africa’s harsh weather conditions.

  • The versatility of these vertical tanks means they can be used both domestically and commercially, providing an economical option for rainwater harvesting or municipal water backup storage.

A variety of sizes are available, ensuring a perfect fit no matter what volume you need.

  • Installation services from professional contractors are available at competitive rates or if preferred, DIY installation is possible due to the tank’s user-friendly design features.

Choose a JoJo vertical tank today for an affordable and efficient way to manage your water resources.

Cost-Effective JoJo Horizontal Water Tanks

JoJo Tanks delivers affordable horizontal water storage tanks, the perfect choice for spaces where height limitations exist.

  • These versatile tanks can be installed on stationary spots or mobile units, offering a convenient solution to your water storage needs.

You don’t need a specialized stand; these tanks sit perfectly fine on level ground.

  • Sizes vary according to individual requirements and budgets, providing choices for all consumers.

A standout product in the range is the cost-effective 2500L JoJo horizontal tank which has proven popular amongst South African users due to its dependability and value-for-money appeal.

Cost-Effective JoJo Slimline Water Tanks

JoJo Slimline Water Tanks redefine cost-effectiveness with their unique, space-saving design.

  • Perfectly suitable for diverse requirements including domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial use, these tanks are an economical choice that increases water sustainability without straining your budget.

The tall and narrow structure ensures that they fit into small spaces effortlessly while making efficient use of available land area.

  • Moreover, the variety in shapes, formats and colours provided by JoJo enables you to select a tank that not only fulfils your water storage needs effectively but also seamlessly blends into any home colour scheme or environment.

Investing in a JoJo Slimline is indeed investing wisely – it equates to having on-demand water access at all times without compromising aesthetics or overshooting budgets!

Cost-Effective JoJo Underground Water Tanks

JoJo Tanks presents underground water tanks as a savvy solution for homeowners and businesses alike.

  • These subterranean storage units provide a substantial capacity without compromising on available surface area.

The ingenuity of these designs offers you the convenience of large-scale water storage that remains hidden from view, optimising space in your property.

Professional installation services are part of the superior JoJo Tanks offering.

  • Although DIY enthusiasts may choose self-installation, professional services ensure that the job is done accurately and efficiently.

Depending on the project scale, expert installers can help streamline your workflow while maintaining high-quality standards for tank setup.

No matter what type of installation method is chosen, JoJo Tank’s cost-effective solutions make underground water tanks an attractive choice for South African consumers everywhere.

Cost-Effective JoJo Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in South Africa

South Africa proudly hosts JoJo rainwater harvesting tanks, a cost-effective solution for capturing and storing rainwater.

  • This economical option provides an ample supply of water during dry periods while reducing dependence on municipal supplies.

A house with a 50sqm roof can harvest up to 23,000L of water per year! Moreover, these tanks are easy to install in both new and existing properties without breaking the bank.

  • The maintenance required is minimal as well, which contributes to further cost-saving in the long run.

By using JoJo Tanks – leaders in their field with a market share of over 50% – you not only save money but also contribute positively towards preserving scarce resources.

Cost-Effective JoJo Chemical Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks provides some of the most affordable chemical tanks in South Africa.

  • Their products guarantee durability and long-term functionality due to their 10-year warranty.

The BPA-free, food-grade layer design ensures harmful chemicals do not seep into stored properties, ensuring safe storage.

  • These tanks are an excellent investment for businesses and homeowners who want to save on water costs while storing chemicals securely.

As a market leader, JoJo Tanks has earned a reputation as a reliable provider of cost-effective chemical storage solutions across the country.

Cost-Effective JoJo Septic Tanks in South Africa

JoJo septic tanks in South Africa are designed to be cost-effective and budget-friendly. These tanks require minimum maintenance, saving you time and money.

  • Available in various sizes ranging from 1500L to 6000L units, JoJo septic tanks offer a range of options to suit your needs.

One of the key advantages of choosing a JoJo septic tank is their lower installation costs compared to other systems.

  • Additionally, these tanks provide independence from municipal infrastructure, giving you peace of mind.

Rest assured that JoJo septic tanks comply with all the necessary regulations in South Africa to ensure proper waste management.

Cost-Effective JoJo Agricultural Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Agricultural Tanks in South Africa are a cost-effective solution for farmers and agricultural businesses.

  • These tanks are specially designed to store and transport water, making them essential for irrigation purposes.

The use of JoJo Agricultural Tanks helps ensure that crops receive an adequate water supply, even during dry seasons or droughts.

One of the key advantages of JoJo Agricultural Tanks is their durability.

  • Made from high-quality materials, these tanks are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist corrosion.

This means that they can be used for many years without the need for frequent replacements or repairs, ultimately saving farmers money in the long run.

Additionally, JoJo Agricultural Tanks come in various sizes and capacities to suit different agricultural needs.

  • Whether you have a small vegetable garden or a large-scale farm, there’s a JoJo Tank option available that will meet your requirements.

Plus, with their cost-effective pricing, these tanks offer great value for money while still delivering reliable performance.

  • Investing in JoJo Agricultural Tanks not only benefits farmers financially but also promotes sustainable water management practices.

By storing rainwater or utilizing alternative water sources efficiently, farmers can reduce their reliance on municipal water supplies and contribute to conserving precious freshwater resources.

In conclusion, when it comes to cost-effective solutions for storing water on farms and agricultural businesses in South Africa, JoJo Agricultural Tanks are an excellent choice.

  • With their durability, versatility, and affordable pricing options; these tanks provide long-term value while supporting sustainable farming practices.

JoJo Tanks Accessories: South African Selection

Here are some essential accessories you can find:

  1. Tank Stands: Sturdy stands to elevate your tank for improved water flow and easy access.
  2. Tank Gauges: Accurate gauges to monitor the water level in your tank, ensuring you never run out.
  3. Leaf Eaters: Filters that prevent leaves and debris from entering your tank, keeping the water clean.
  4. First Flush Diverters: Devices that divert the first flush of rainwater, which may contain dirt and pollutants, away from your tank.
  5. Filter Systems: Advanced filtration systems that remove impurities and improve the quality of stored water.
  6. Overflow Kits: Kits designed to redirect excess water when your tank reaches its capacity, preventing overflow and potential damage.
  7. Water Pumps: High-quality pumps for efficient distribution of water from your JoJo tank to various areas like gardens or swimming pools.

Economical JoJo Services in South Africa

Get cost-effective JoJo tank installation, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, disinfection, relocation, and custom solutions from trusted professionals in South Africa.

Cost-Effective JoJo Tank Installation in your area

Get your JoJo tank installed in a cost-effective way right in your area. Save water and save money with JoJo Tanks’ professional installation services.

  • Our expert installers will ensure that your tank is set up correctly, providing you with a reliable and efficient water storage solution.

With competitive prices and eco-friendly options, JoJo Tank installation is an affordable choice for all your water storage needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a cost-effective JoJo tank installed in your area today!

Cost-Effective JoJo Tank Maintenance and Repairs

JoJo Tanks understands the importance of cost-effective maintenance and repairs for their tanks.

  • Regular maintenance ensures that your tank is in optimal condition, reducing the risk of leaks and prolonging its lifespan.

Their expert team can provide comprehensive inspections, checking for any potential issues such as cracks or faulty fittings.

  • If any repairs are necessary, they offer efficient and affordable solutions to get your tank back up and running smoothly.

With JoJo Tanks’ commitment to water security, you can trust them to provide reliable maintenance and repair services that meet your needs while keeping costs in check.

In addition to regular maintenance, JoJo Tanks also emphasizes the importance of proactive measures to reduce water wastage.

  • Simple checks like inspecting taps, pipes, and dishwasher hoses for leaks can make a big difference in conserving water resources.

By addressing these issues promptly through their cost-effective solutions, JoJo Tanks helps you play an active role in water conservation efforts while maintaining a well-functioning tank system.

Cost-Effective JoJo Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

JoJo Tanks offers cost-effective cleaning and disinfection services for their tanks in South Africa.

  • Their specialized process includes removing any remaining liquid and ensuring thorough cleaning of corners and joints.

This helps to maintain the quality and hygiene of the water stored in JoJo tanks, which are widely used for water storage across the country.

  • The company’s cleaning services are part of their broader industrial cleaning portfolio, demonstrating their expertise in specialized cleaning tasks.

Known for their quality, affordability, and efficiency, JoJo Tanks is your go-to choice for tank cleaning and maintenance.

Cost-Effective JoJo Tank Relocation

Relocating a JoJo tank is a cost-effective solution for optimizing water storage systems.

  • By moving the tank to a more convenient location, you can ensure easy access to stored water whenever you need it.

JoJo Tanks offers competitive prices for their tanks, making it an economical choice for customers looking to relocate their tanks. Not only does this save money upfront, but it also increases the value of your property by providing on-demand water at all times.

  • With their durable products and warranty options, JoJo Tanks ensures that your tank relocation will be reliable and long-lasting.

So, whether you’re looking to maximize space or improve accessibility, consider the cost-effective option of relocating your JoJo tank.

Cost-Effective Custom JoJo Tank Solutions

JoJo Tanks offers cost-effective custom solutions for your water storage needs.

  • Whether you need a tank that fits a specific space or one with specialized features, JoJo can provide a solution tailored to your requirements.

With their customizable options, you can choose the size, shape, and capacity that best suits your needs.

  • These custom JoJo tanks are not only efficient but also offer a reliable and long-lasting solution for water storage and conservation in South Africa.

So, why settle for anything less when you can get a cost-effective custom JoJo tank designed just for you?

Positives of Installing JoJo Tanks near me

Consider the following positives:

  1. Minimum maintenance required: JoJo Tanks are designed for easy upkeep, minimizing your maintenance efforts.
  2. On-site black water treatment: JoJo Tanks offer a convenient solution for treating black water on your property.
  3. Reducing the risk of raw sewerage: By installing JoJo Tanks, you can reduce the risk of raw sewerage in your surroundings.
  4. Rainwater harvesting: JoJo Tanks enable rainwater harvesting, allowing you to rely less on municipal water supply and save costs.
  5. Pre-filtration solutions: To ensure effective rainwater harvesting, proper pre-filtration solutions such as suitable guttering and piping should be implemented.
  6. Backup water supply: JoJo Tanks can serve as a reliable backup solution by automatically filling when mains water is available.

Cost-Effective Applications of JoJo Tanks in South Africa

JoJo tanks in South Africa offer cost-effective solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and municipal water storage needs.

Cost-Effective Residential Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers cost-effective solutions for residential water storage in South Africa.

  • Their vertical water storage tanks are a space-efficient and economical option for storing rainwater or as a backup supply of municipal water.

With different tank sizes available, including their 1,000-liter option, JoJo Tanks provides affordable choices to suit various needs and budgets.

Whether you want to ensure water security or take advantage of rainwater harvesting, JoJo Tanks has the cost-effective solution for your residential water storage needs.

Cost-Effective Commercial Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers cost-effective water storage solutions for commercial use.

  • Their vertical water storage tanks are designed to be space-efficient and affordable, making them a great option for businesses looking to store large volumes of water without breaking the bank.

Additionally, JoJo Tanks also provides underground tanks that offer a high storage capacity while remaining hidden from sight.

By choosing JoJo Tanks for your commercial water storage needs, you can save money on installation costs and contribute to water conservation efforts by utilizing rainwater harvesting instead of relying solely on municipal sources.

Cost-Effective Industrial Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers cost-effective solutions for industrial water storage in South Africa.

  • With their vertical water storage tanks, storing rainwater for industrial use has never been easier or more affordable.

By installing a JoJo Tank, you can reduce your monthly water bills for industrial purposes while also contributing to water security and conservation efforts.

  • These tanks can hold up to 20,000 liters of water, providing ample storage space for your industrial needs.

Trust JoJo Tanks to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for all your industrial water storage requirements.

Cost-Effective Agricultural Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers cost-effective solutions for agricultural water storage in South Africa.

  • Their fully integrated systems include backup municipal water and rainwater harvesting, making it easier and more efficient for farmers to store water.

By checking for leaks in various water sources, farmers can reduce water wastage and make their agricultural water storage even more cost-effective.

  • JoJo’s vertical water storage tanks are particularly space-efficient and economical for storing rainwater on farms.

With a range of sizes and prices available, JoJo Tanks provides options that suit different agricultural needs when it comes to affordable and efficient water storage.

Cost-Effective Municipal Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers cost-effective solutions for municipal water storage in South Africa.

  • These tanks are a reliable and affordable way to ensure you have access to water even during periods when the municipal supply is cut off.

With JoJo Tanks, you can fill the tanks with a pre-determined level of municipal water, serving as a permanent backup.

  • In addition, these tanks also harvest rainwater, providing you with additional storage options and helping you save on your water bills.

The best part is that the solution is designed to automatically fill the tanks when mains water is available, ensuring that they are always ready to meet your needs.

With JoJo Tanks’ cost-effective solution for municipal water storage, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will never run out of water again.

Making the Right Choice: JoJo Tank Selection Guide

Discover the JoJo Tank Selection Guide, helping you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect JoJo tank for your needs.

JoJo Tank Size Guide: Find the Right Fit

  • Determine the correct size of your JoJo tank by considering your roof size and water storage needs.
  • Calculate the tank size required for a fully integrated system based on rainwater harvesting and municipal backup needs.
  • Take into account the number of bathrooms in your home when selecting a pump for your JoJo tank.
  • Consider the quality and warranty of JoJo tanks before making a purchase.

JoJo Tank Materials: Comprehensive Comparison Guide

Tank Material Pros Cons
UV-resistant Polyethylene The UV-resistant polyethylene used in most JoJo tanks provides excellent durability, making these tanks suitable for outdoor use. They’re also resistant to most chemicals, ideal for storing a wide range of substances. While highly durable, UV-resistant polyethylene can be susceptible to cracking under extreme conditions. Also, it’s not suitable for storing very high-temperature substances.
High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) HDPE is renowned for its strength and resistance to impact, making it an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications. It is also resistant to many solvents, providing versatile storage options. While HDPE is incredibly strong, it is not immune to damage. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause degradation, and it may become brittle in very cold temperatures.
Linear Low-density Polyethylene (LLDPE) LLDPE combines the best properties of low and high-density polyethylene, resulting in a robust and flexible material. It resists stress cracking and is perfect for tanks that need to withstand heavy loads. While LLDPE is highly versatile, it may not be suitable for all applications. For example, it may not be the best choice for storing certain aggressive chemicals or high-temperature substances.

JoJo Tank Prices Breakdown: South Africa 2024 [Full Price List for JoJo Tanks]

JoJo Tanks offers a wide range of water storage tanks in South Africa, each with its own price based on capacity and specifications.

  • For smaller-sized tanks, such as those with capacities ranging from 500 to 1,000 liters, prices typically start at ZAR 1500 and go up to ZAR 3000.

These tanks are perfect for residential use and can easily fit into most spaces.

When it comes to larger vertical water storage tanks, JoJo Tanks offers sizes that range from 260 to a massive 20,000 litres.

  • Prices vary depending on the capacity you choose. For example, the price of a 20,000-liter vertical tank is determined by its durability and secure storage capabilities.

In addition to their standard water tanks, JoJo Tanks also provides septic tanks for sale in various sizes ranging from 1500L to 6000L units.

  • These septic tanks are designed to efficiently handle waste management needs.

With JoJo Tank’s full price list for South Africa in the year ahead (2024), customers can easily determine which tank fits their budget and requirements without any hassle or guesswork.

Find Out the Areas Trusted JoJo Suppliers Cover in South Africa


Discover the reliable JoJo suppliers that serve various regions across South Africa, ensuring you find the best options for your water storage needs.

Provinces Benefiting from Expert JoJo Installers

Here’s a list of the provinces where you can benefit from their expertise:

  1. Eastern Cape
  2. Free State
  3. Gauteng
  4. KwaZulu – Natal
  5. Limpopo
  6. Mpumalanga
  7. Northern Cape
  8. North West
  9. Western Cape

Your Neighbourhood Service Guide: Specific Areas

Your Neighbourhood Service Guide Specific Areas

  • Find a trusted JoJo supplier in your specific area.
  • Benefit from expert JoJo tank installers in your province.
  • Access the best JoJo tank installation services in your neighbourhood.
  • Get professional JoJo tank maintenance and repair services near you.
  • Ensure your JoJo tank is clean and disinfected with local cleaning and disinfection services.
  • Relocate your JoJo tank hassle – free with reliable professionals in your area.
  • Explore custom JoJo tank solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Conclusion: Find a JoJo Installer Near You! Contact Us Today!

Conclusion Find a JoJo Installer Near You! Contact Us Today!

Contact JoJo Tanks today to find a skilled installer near you and get your water storage solution in place.

Don’t wait, take action now and secure your access to clean, reliable water with a JoJo Tank.

Reach out to us today!


1. What is a JoJo tank?

A JoJo tank is a popular brand of water storage tanks designed for various uses, including garden irrigation and other water-related solutions.

2. Where can I purchase JoJo tanks?

You can find JoJo tanks for sale at many suppliers across South Africa, from Durban to Pretoria and Centurion or via online sales platforms.

3. Are there different sizes of JoJo tanks?

Yes, the product range includes several sizes like 1000l, 2500l, 500l up to even 10 000 litres providing flexible options according to your needs.

4. Are accessories available for my JoJo tank?

Yes! They offer a variety of fittings including pumps and hand tools customised for installation which you could find nearest to your location.

5. How do I install a JoJo Tank?

The installation process includes key steps described in the provided manual with help offered by specialist companies or skilled professionals if needed.

6. Is there any warranty on the products offered by JOJO Tanks?

Absolutely! JOJO provides warranties on their tanks ensuring customers are covered against defects related their design or manufacturing process.