Wendy Houses Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a one room regular Wendy house?

We normally install small to medium sized Wendy houses within a day after the initial foundation has been laid. Although there can be unforeseen factors like rain that can hinder the progress of construction, we always aim to finish the job as soon as possible.

How long will your Wendy houses last for?

Our Wendy Houses are built from high quality timber that is furnished and treated from rotting or being eaten by mites and such pests. If you take care of your Wendy house it could last you a lifetime. We provide a ten year guarantee on all out Wendy houses.

Do you offer Wendy house plumbing and electricity installation?

Yes, our customer care team will be happy to provide you with a quick quote that will include everything your Wendy house needs to have water and electricity running. Our qualified technicians and plumbers have over ten years experience in their respective field and well be happy to take on your project.

What kind of Wendy houses do you build?

We build the following types of Wendy houses:

  • Double Story Wendy Houses
  • Three/Two and One Room Wendy Houses
  • Storage Wendy Houses
  • Tree Wendy Houses
  • Custom Wendy Houses
  • Off The Grid Wendy Houses