Wendy Houses Johannesburg

Save Money and Build Extra Room With Our Quality Wendy Houses!

At Wendy Houses Johannesburg we have been building custom Wendy houses for more than 50 years. Our grandfather who started the business really inspired the family to take pride in our business and always offer the highest level of quality and workmanship!

No matter what sized Wendy house you are looking for, we are dedicated to building a Wendy house that will compliment the rest of your property and we will also assist you with the internal space by preparing it for your future needs.

Wendy Houses That Are Built To Be A Home!

Wendy Houses Johannesburg we offer Wendy houses that can be transformed into a livable w=space using only the best timber wood available in the country to build you:

  • Three Bedroom Wendy Houses:- Our builders are ready to build you a three sized bedroom that will take care of all your family’s needs including plumbing and electricity connections.
  • Double Story Wendy Houses:- Get a double story Wendy house fully supported by steel frames that can handle huge amounts of weight and we know you are not planning on storing a truck in your Wendy house.
  • Custom Wendy Houses:- Our highly skilled builders will provide you with a Wendy house that is designed by you. Working with our specialists we will make your Wendy house idea a reality.

Wendy Houses Johannesburg has been interested in providing green house solutions and alternative living solutions that will encourage the well care of our social geographical and economic residential issues.

When you are ready to start building your Wendy house, contact Wendy Houses Johannesburg building experts and we will be blessed to take on your project at the best price possible. Get in touch with us for a free estimated quotation today!